Elliott White

Creative / Writer

"Are the nuns slutty enough?" - Client.

Anchor X-Ray Casts

59 kids in New Zealand break their arm everyday.Which for a milk brand means there's alot of tiny billboards walking around.

Coastguard - Donate a Fish

Turning fishing into fundraising.

Imodium - Set yourself free
Department for Education - Every Lesson Shapes a Life
Gaviscon - GO ON 'Gaviscon Fast Food'

Curing heartburn with medically-approved burgers.

Mountain Dew - GoCaps / To get to easy GIFs

Repetition makes you better. And thirsty. The new campaign launched with a bottle innovation and repetitive GIFs made by the world's best GIF artists.

NZ Golf - The Business Course

The brief was to get more young people playing golf. So we made it a compulsary part of a business degree.

SKY - Game of Thrones - Winter is here
RAC - What are the chances?

If you think it's not very likely for your car to breakdown then prepare to have your universe shattered.

If you think it's not very likely for your car to breakdown then prepare to have your universe shattered.

All Bran muesli - Fiberlicious

To launch the first high-fibre good tasting muesli we created a sitcom. Naturally.

Fighting words - New Blood / British Army

LGBT, ethnic, Muslim and women may not see a place for themselves in the British Army. But they've been fighting all their lives. We targeted recruits at the moment they were targeted, turning messages of hate and inequality into positive reinforcement. 

All Bran - 7-day challenge montage

They wanted a montage ad. We made an anti one.

Stihl - Father's Day

We took Stihl's long running global line and applied it to that other thing you'll only have one of. Your old man. Launched in print and online it went around the world and created a new holiday for Stihl to own.

Burger King - English Breakfast

Burger King were planning on playing the RWC early morning in their stores and England had just been knocked out. So we called HR.

Burger King - You can't say no to Joe.

Burger King sponsored New Zealand's heavy weight boxer Joseph Parker. Problem is, he had lots of business ideas. Sketch comedy! 

Burger King - BK on the street

Sketch comedy!