"My first CD gave me the nickname Wolf. Something about having a beard and being hungry. I've tried to keep it going because it feels like home, and reminds me as a creative what i should always be - hungry, like a wolf. Good song too."

I hail from the small surf city of Newcastle, Australia.

It's a funny, beautiful place. The perfect mix of blue collar people and blue-algae lattes.


Having ideas that land somewhere in the middle has always been a goal.

From intern to now i've been lucky enough to learn from the likes of Adam Lance, Simon Langley, Nick Worthington, Steve Cochran, Simon Vicars, Brett Colliver, Shane Bradnick and Damon Stapelton. 

Clients have included Kit Kat, RAC, Kellogg's, J&J, DB Breweries, Volkswagen, Anchor Milk, Mountain Dew, Burger King, BNZ, Spark, V Energy, BMW, MINI, SKY TV, Lotto, McDonald's and more.

If i could do anything else it would be to create a comedy sketch show. I've currently got enough scripts that were rejected by clients to fill 6 seasons.

Elliott White. Copywriter. Creative. Aussie. Looks a bit like Russell Brand.

Pearls of wisdom

Great sayings that i've collected like postcards, all to be passed off as my own.

"There's always a better idea."

"You gotta sell it to yourself before you sell it to anyone else."

"What are you trying to tell people and what do you want them to feel."


"It's a truth, with a twist"


"The visual should have that perfect mix of familiar and new."

"The best ideas are just outside the brief."

"If you've got a really unique problem, then you only need a simple solution."

"When you've got a great fact, just get out of its way."

"Don't worry about anyone else, make it for yourself."


"You're paid for your opinion."



Bachelor of Arts Maj Drama & Bachelor of Comms Maj Media Production

Award School - 4th.

Award Copy School 1st. 



The Village of Useful (Intern) - Newcastle, Australia. 

JWT Sydney - Sydney, Australia.

Colenso BBDO - Auckland, New Zealand.

DDB New Zealand - Auckland, New Zealand.

I've also been a:

Pizza boy.
Chicken boy.
Chicken store manager.
Trendy clothes seller.
Footwear manager.
Factory worker.
Nightclub DJ.
Car Salesman.
Apple store specialist.
Apple store expert.
Apple store head of sales.




The Economist - Question

A brief in copy school. Was sent to BBDO, supposedly ran somewhere.